SQL Accounting oddness

John Williams john.williams at eurisp.co.uk
Tue Oct 10 18:06:23 CEST 2006

I’ve just setup a new freeradius server using the exact same config files
from our other radius server.

We are using a different MySQL database for the second freeradius server so
we have changed the database name in sql.conf to reflect this.

Authentication is working fine and it’s authenticating from the database.

However accounting information is not being entered into the radacct table,
its currently empty but we are getting accounting packets back.


I run freeradius in debug mode and found the following sql accounting
queries that don’t look right:


sql: accounting_update_query_alt = "INSERT into radacct (AcctSessionId,
AcctUniqueId, UserName, Realm, NASIPAddress, NASPortId, NASPortType,
AcctStartTime, AcctSessionTime, AcctAuthentic, ConnectInfo_start,
AcctInputOctets, AcctOutputOctets, CalledStationId, CallingStationId,
ServiceType, FramedProtocol, FramedIPAddress, AcctStartDelay)
values('%{Acct-Session-Id}', '%{Acct-Unique-Session-Id}',
'%{SQL-User-Name}', '%{Realm}', '%{NAS-IP-Address}', '%{NAS-Port}',
'%{NAS-Port-Type}', DATE_SUB('%S',INTERVAL (%{Acct-Session-Time:-0} +
%{Acct-Delay-Time:-0}) SECOND), '%{Acct-Session-Time}', '%{Acct-Authentic}',
'', '%{Acct-Input-Octets}', '%{Acct-Output-Octets}', '%{Called-Station-Id}',
'%{Calling-Station-Id}', '%{Service-Type}', '%{Framed-Protocol}',
'%{Framed-IP-Address}', '0')"


 sql: accounting_start_query = "INSERT into radacct (AcctSessionId,
AcctUniqueId, UserName, Realm, NASIPAddress, NASPortId, NASPortType,
AcctStartTime, AcctStopTime, AcctSessionTime, AcctAuthentic,
ConnectInfo_start, ConnectInfo_stop, AcctInputOctets, AcctOutputOctets,
CalledStationId, CallingStationId, AcctTerminateCause, ServiceType,
FramedProtocol, FramedIPAddress, AcctStartDelay, AcctStopDelay)
values('%{Acct-Session-Id}', '%{Acct-Unique-Session-Id}',
'%{SQL-User-Name}', '%{Realm}', '%{NAS-IP-Address}', '%{NAS-Port}',
'%{NAS-Port-Type}', '%S', '0', '0', '%{Acct-Authentic}', '%{Connect-Info}',
'', '0', '0', '%{Called-Station-Id}', '%{Calling-Station-Id}', '',
'%{Service-Type}', '%{Framed-Protocol}', '%{Framed-IP-Address}',
'%{Acct-Delay-Time}', '0')"


Surely the values should be replaced by the actual information it should be
entering into the table?

If that’s the case that’s why the radacct table is empty, MySQL won’t insert
the data showing there and must be erroring.


Anyone got any ideas?




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