returning VSA from exec-prog-wait

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Wed Apr 11 13:09:50 CEST 2007

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> Murray Hooper wrote:
> > Can I return VSA(106) from a script called from exec-prog-wait?  I am
> trying
> > to "echo H323-redirect-number=1111" but the NAS does not see this as
> VSA 106
>   If you run the serber in debugging mode, as suggested in the FAQ,
> README, and INSTALL, you will see the results of exec-program-wait, and
> what the server is doing with it.
>   I never understand why people look at the NAS to see what the server
> is doing.
>   Alan DeKok.
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After running the server in debugging mode as suggested I did see everything
that I expected FreeRadius to be doing and that is why I originally wrote
the inquiry.  This unfortunately was not triggering the NAS to respond as
recognizing the variable.  The expected line from exec-prog-wait ended up
being echo 'vsa106 vsa106=string' that was needed in the script being called
from exec-prog-wait.  Unfortunately, I must have missed this in the examples
and FAQ's.

Again thanks for the help

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