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Anders Holm anders.holm at sysadmin.ie
Fri Jun 6 12:41:04 CEST 2008

So, I'm getting closer to my end goal. I have a few questions though regarding SQL statements and what impacts there may be if I go about changing them.. 

My lovely DBA is telling me the expected traffic figures I have given them may put some interesting load on the DB backend. They'd love for me to change the SQL statements to be just INSERTS for all the accounting traffic. That would be for all the START, STOP and any intermediate accounting traffic I'd receive on the Freeradius platform. (Sorry, but I can't give the interesting figures) 

We're not planning on using any of the command line tools to check who's got a session or anything like that, but instead we'd use the database to get that information. Needless to say, the database will be replicated, and their queries would go to another instance than what I'll be writing to, so their queries shouldn't impact the performance of the instance I'm using. 

Would there be any interesting problems I may run into? The consumers of the data are fully aware they will have to correlate all that data themselves, I'm just providing it to them. So, I'm more curious about potential impact on the radius side... 


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