FreeRadius with radiusclient-ng and Cisco h323 VoIP attributes

Dean Elwood dean.elwood at
Tue Jan 6 11:58:43 CET 2009

Hi there,

I'm having real trouble getting FreeRadius and radiusclient-ng to talk  
to each other with Cisco h323 attributes.

I believe I have set up FreeRadius correctly. I can connect using  
radiusclient-ng and do standard AUTH commands and all works fine.

As soon as I try to add an attribute like:-

h323-conf-id = '78FF6EBC 2F74D29E 4F400B22 8B4AA1C1'

I get this parse error from radiusclient-ng:-

: can't parse AV pair

I assumed that this meant that radiusclient-ng didn't recognise the  
h323-conf-id attribute, so I included in the radiusclient-ng *client*  
dictionary the following:-

VENDOR          Cisco                                   9

ATTRIBUTE       Cisco-AVPair                            1        
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-call-origin                        26       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-remote-address                     23       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-conf-id                            24       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-setup-time                         25       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-call-origin                        26       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-call-type                          27       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-connect-time                       28       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-disconnect-time                    29       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-disconnect-cause                   30       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-voice-quality                      31       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-gw-id                              33       
string  Cisco
ATTRIBUTE       h323-incoming-conf-id                   35       
string  Cisco

The client appears to be happy with this dictionary file (at least the  
client runs and still does standard AUTH's ok), but I still get the  
parse error on the h323 vars.

The fact that the parse error states an error parsing "AV pair" makes  
me think that these attributes need to be formatted in a particular  
way. Could that be it?

Any assistance or pointers in the right direction would be much  




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