Framed-IP-Address Question

Stefan Puch s.puch at
Sun Jan 18 18:32:15 CET 2009

Hello everyone,

I've got a (maybe stupid) question concerning the Framed-IP-Address which is
shown when using "radwho".

I'm using freeradius in our club to authenticate several Notebooks using EAP-TLS
certificates. The IP-addresses are given from a local dhcp-server. I'm further
using access-points from Netgear (WG102) as they provide Accounting informations
when using with freeradius.

With the tool radwho which is provided from freeradius a can easily see which
clients are connected to the different access-points.
Now I recognized that for some clients also the local IP-address, which was
given to the clients from the local dhcp-server, is shown as "Framed-IP-Address"
when running "radwho -R" but only for SOME clients not for ALL.

I would like to write a small script using radwho in order to log the ip-adress
for each client on login/logout. Sure I could get the ip-address from logfile of
the dhcp-server, but I would like to do it as easy as possible.

Can anyone tell me why the "Framed-IP-Address" is only shown for some clients
and what I would have to do that it is show for all clients which are connected
to local network?

Best regards and thanks in advance

Stefan Puch

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