Framed-IP-Address Question

Stefan Puch s.puch at
Sun Jan 18 19:45:13 CET 2009

> Ivan Kalik wrote:
>> I would like to write a small script using radwho in order to log the 
>> ip-adress for each client on login/logout.

> Look up detail module in freeradius. It logs the whole Accounting-Request to
>  a text file, but you can filter out what you don't want. Or sql module to
> log into the database. Again, queries are configurable - log only what you
> want.
Thanks for pointing that out, I will give that detail module a try.

>> Can anyone tell me why the "Framed-IP-Address" is only shown for some 
>> clients and what I would have to do that it is show for all clients which 
>> are connected to local network?

> It works as reliably as your network. If some requests don't make it to the 
> radius server - no records are created.
OK, than it could either be a problem of the access-point which doesn't forward
the ip-address to the radius server or the client itself which doesn't send it.

Kind regards

Stefan Puch

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