help with freeradius + winxp

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Jan 19 15:17:58 CET 2009

Tomas D wrote:
> if this is what I get when staring radius:
> root at radius:/home/radius# ./sbin/radiusd -X
> make: openssl: Command not found

  You don't have the OpenSSL command installed.  It is needed to create
the default certificates that come with the server.

  Try doing:

$ cd /home/radius/etc/raddb/certs
$ make

  If that works, the server should be able to start.  If it doesn't
work, you will need to install the "openssl" command, OR install
certificates manually.

> I believe something is still not right with openssl, I tried running
> openssl, command not found... 

  Then install the openssl package.

  Alan DeKok.

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