How to load the freeswitch dictionary

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Thanks for the tip.
At first, it did not work. Then I noticed that the freeswitch guys/gals
had the keyword Freeswitch at the end of each attribute declaration. E.g. :

ATTRIBUTE       Freeswitch-Callenddate                  23      string  

After I deleted this it worked fine :

ATTRIBUTE       Freeswitch-Callenddate                  23      string

Alexandre Chapellon wrote:
> there is not two different dictionanries, the support juste told you 
> that the dictionnary they gave is meant to be used with radclient 
> standalone installations. If you have a whole freeradius server 
> installled, most of the attributes contained in this file are already 
> definec elsewhere.
> Just copy/paste the lines in between "BENGIN-VENDOR"  and "END-VENDOR" 
> to your dictionnary directory in a new file and add it to the list of 
> dictionnayr to load.... this should do the job.
> Le 26.01.2009 08:28, Apostolos Pantsiopoulos a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I was trying to load the freeswitch dictionary (see attachment) in 
>> freeradius and I am getting the following
>> error :
>> "Errors reading dictionary: dict_init: 
>> /usr/local/share/freeradius/dictionary.freeswitch[257]: unknown 
>> option "Freeswitch""
>> I asked this question to the freeswitch mailing list and they 
>> responded with :
>> "Don't do that.  The dictionary is for use with the radiusclient 
>> library.  FreeRADIUS already includes a dictionary for FreeSWITCH 
>> VSAs ( you may need to uncomment it to have it loaded into FreeRADIUS 
>> )."
>> I was surprised to find out that I needed two different dictionaries. 
>> One for the server
>> and one for the client. I thought it was the same.
>> Anyway, I tried looking for it in the freeradius distribution (even 
>> the svn) and could
>> not find any reference to Freeswitch at all.
>> So, how do I load the freeswitch dictionary in freeradius? And how do 
>> I obtain it (if not from the freeswitch tarball itself)?
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