Cisco-AVpair accounting client-mac-address with unlang

Bryan Campbell bbc at
Fri Jan 8 15:37:01 CET 2010

See the following link and the associated reference posts.

What you need is already built-in.  It takes two steps (5 minutes) to 
get access to the attributes.  The only question then is how you will 
format your SQL statements to write the attributes out to the database 
(another 5 minutes).

bbc -

Alan DeKok wrote:
> Joe Maimon wrote:
>> I have searched. I am unsatisfied with the results.
>> The cisco_vsa_hack may have unintended consequences.
>   Like... ?
>> unlang should properly loop over the vp list, like other paircompares do.
>   I would prefer that behavior to be *explicit* rather than *implicit*.
>> I have patched this kind of oversight before elsewhere, not sure if
>> thats the right approach here.
>   Maybe something like:
>         if (*Cisco-AVpair =~ /^client-mac-address=(.+)$/) {
>   i.e. "*" means "any one matches"
>   Alan DeKok.
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