Removing an attribute from reply message!

Hamid Reza Hasani hr.hasani at
Sun Jan 24 06:23:25 CET 2010

I want to remove an attribute from reply message(account accept), how can I
should do that?
more detail:
I'm using some sqlcounter to count daily, weekly and monthly octets. After
their processing they add Session-Octets-Limit to my reply message.
I want to have a condition that if this value reach some special value (for
example 20000Byte), then it removes Session-Octets-Limit from reply message.
I add this lines at the end of authorize section:
if("%{reply.Session-Octets-Limit}"  >= 20000) {
update reply {
Session-Octets-Limit [I don't know what!]
Is it correct? I don't know! am I should add a module or filter or else?
BTW how can I remove Session-Octets-Limit from reply message! Is it

Hamid Reza Hasani
Ya Ali
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