Free radius installation

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Jan 25 11:28:45 CET 2010

> Hello,
> Ok after radius -X command nmap shows me that radius ports are open.
> ...
> [root at localhost ~]# nmap -v -sU localhost

okay..what about the output of

netstat -apn | grep 1812

ah.....i think I've spotted something far MORE interesting...

> [root at localhost ~]# radtest test test localhost 0 testing123
> Sending Access-Request of id 42 to ::1 port 1812


oh aye?   so this box is configured to have IPv6 running?  in that
case you should either

1) configure the IPv6 correctly - and that means also configuring
the FreeRADIUS to actually be listening on the IPv6 interfaces

oe 2) realise that you havent got IPv6 correctly configured and
configure it.

in either case, THIS will work

radtest test test 1234 testing123


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