Free radius installation

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Jan 25 11:47:25 CET 2010


> I did not change anything prior the installation of (yum install
> freeradius*).
> Should I change something before testing it?
> Why is radtest doing queries to ::1 (ipv6 address).

look in /etc/hosts

see what localhost has been given an alias of.  just tell radtest
to use - after all, when you go live, you'll be telling your
NAS kit to use the IPv4 address of the server..... wont you?

(if you are serious about IPv6, then you'll simply copy your default
server config file, rename it, eg default-ipv6 and configure it to listen
to the IPv6 - see the config for the required syntax) - the current
daemon cannot listen to both IPv4 and IPv6 within the same main virtual

we use IPv6 here and FreeRADIUS works (very) well with it thanks.


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