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In the README for radperf tool, the following gives information about Licensing. I downloaded the tool but am not sure if i can run it without the license as per the highlighted red sections below. Please advise. I just want to run this tool on my machine to load test my radius server.


This archive contains the "radperf" tool.  It is similar in some ways
to the FreeRADIUS "radclient" program, but it is much more capable.
See the "radclient.1" file, or "radclient.html" for the documentation.

The "lib" directory includes a copy of the FreeRADIUS library,
libfreeradius-radius.a, along with a copy of its license, the LGPL.

The "share" directory contains a copy of the FreeRADIUS dictionaries,
along with a copy of their licenses, the GPL.

Please note that the "radperf" program is NOT licensed under the GPL,
and it is NOT licensed under the LGPL.  Redistribution of any files in
this archive is NOT permitted without the prior written permission of
Network RADIUS.

You may have to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH appropriately before using
radperf.  e.g.:

          $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib
          $ ./radperf ...

Please contact Network RADIUS at <sales at> toobtain
individual licensing for this product.

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