FreeRadius and Copy accounting

Eric Bellière eric.belliere at
Wed Mar 17 08:15:56 CET 2010

Eric Bellière wrote:
> Hello, 
> Is someone can explain me how is working this fonctionnality? the
> copy-acct-to-home-server?
> I am newbie in FreeRadius (I have to migrate from NavisRadius ) and after
> reading and reading message on forum and on internet, I understand that I
> have to use copy-acct-to-home-server but I really don't understand how it
> is working.
> I tried to configured my radius but nothing to do to make it working.
> I have a realm and when I am testing with NTradPing I see
> accounting request coming to the radius and I can see in the log that the
> radius is trying to proying (this is what I want) this request but
> omething strange is that I can not see ANY packet going out the radius (if
> TCPDUMP) and nothing received on the other radius.
> Many Thanks In advance.
> Eric Bellière

I read many discussion about this and I finaly find the way to configure the
When a request enter the radius I can see the detail files created (a normal
and a

My problem now is that I can see in the log the the accounting is sent to
the remote proxy radius but I can not see any packet going out of my radius.

When I try a local authentication I can receive a response. I have made some
connectetivity test and everything ok.

When I am using proxying then nothing is going out on the ethernet interface
(accouting or authentication)

Can someone help me please?

Eric Bellière
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