How can I set freeradius to connect to another freeradius server to find external database.

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Thu Mar 25 17:38:42 CET 2010

Hello all
I need to setup 2 freeradius servers  for mac address authentication.
My scenario is  
Access point  send access-request to 1st  freeradius server to do mac address authentication .If 1st server doesn’t have MAC Address in database ,it must send this request to 2nd server(which is freeradius server too) to find in another database.

I try to config proxy.conf file in 1st server as follow 
home_server pri_home_server {    type = auth+acct    ipaddr = localhost    port = 1812    secret = xxx    response_window = 20    zombie_period = 40    revive_interval = 120    status_check = status-server    check_interval = 30    num_answers_to_alive = 3}home_server sec_home_server {    type = auth+acct    ipaddr = xxx    port = 1812    secret = xxx    response_window = 20    zombie_period = 40    revive_interval = 120    status_check = status-server    check_interval = 30    num_answers_to_alive = 3}

home_server_pool auth_failover_pool {    type = fail-over    home_server = pri_home_server    home_server = sec_home_server}
realm users{       type=radius       auth_pool=auth_failover_pool       acct_pool=auth_failover_pool       nostrip}
but it doesn’t work 
So the question is

Do I need to config proxy.conf or others files ?or other method to setup for this scenario ?
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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