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Le 29/11/2011 14:02, Phil Mayers a écrit :
> On 29/11/11 12:04, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
>> It may be suitable to workaround some db limitation. If the db can't
>> do INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, you might get away with INSERT
>> on the main query and UPDATE on _alt. However we use mysql (which
>> support the syntax just fine) and don't want the extra query which
>> adds load to the db server (the _alt part), so I just remove them
> We don't use the built-in "sql" module accounting queries; but the 
> _alt queries are important for exactly this reason, particularly with 
> e.g. postgres. I think using module failover for this would be 
> cumbersome; you'd have to have quite a few SQL instances AFAICT to 
> replicate this behaviour.
I agree, I originally found a oracle page talking about 'insert on 
duplicate key update' sattement and so supposed oracle supported this... 
Unfortunatelly I didn't noticed that this oracle page was about... mysql 
(now oracle property)!
So Oracle is like postgres and needs the alt_ queries. A similar 
behaviour seems to be achieved using the MERGE statement... need to take 
a look at it.

> Or used stored procedures (which is what we do) but that's a lot of 
> overhead.
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