Forced Reauthentication

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I will ask the strongswan folks.  JRADIUS is used for some other post authentication processing that determines whether the user truly granted or denied access to the system.

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> Hello,
> I'm trying to force reauthentication of my strongswan IPSec clients where
> EAP-TLS is being used, but nothing seems to work.  Now, this is something
> that I would like to do on a per-client basis, so I'm modifying the
> session-timeout attribute of the access-accept packet to include my new
> session time.

Does the NAS (strongswan?) support session-timeout?
If you don't know, ask its support/forum/list. It's unlikely that
you'll find the answer here.

> This insertion is performed from JRADIUS, where it is called
> in the post-auth stage.

Why would you need jradius? why not just use an unlang block in freeradius?

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