Linksys WIFI Authentication using freeradius?

michel at michel at
Wed Dec 7 07:15:43 CET 2011


I have a Linksys WRT-110 router which supports various security  
mechanisms: WPA & WPA2 Personal, WPA Enterprise and Radius  

Today WPA2 Personal use where all my clients use the same key or  
password to connect.

I want to change this so that each user can connect with username and  
password in a personal way, I was thinking my router to authenticate  
against a radius server.

google search and it turns out all the variations I have encountered  
are implementing freeradius with PEAP TLS and mysql which should  
generate certificates and then configure the client and in turn  
install these certificates to the exchange between the server and  

I was wondering, there is some other simpler way that does not imply  
that this set up or install certificates on the client side?

Well, I have several clients with different operating systems:  
Windows, Linux, Apple.

Something as simple as putting the username and password.

It OpenWrt I saw as another variant to follow and the router does not  
appear in the list of supported devices.


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