Problem with accounting and sql

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Dec 9 02:57:41 CET 2011

Paul Thornton wrote:
> I've been trying to debug why accounting information isn't making it
> into the SQL database on our main FR server (2.1.11) - it seems that
> this has been the case since upgrading from version 1.something ancient
> a few months back.

  OK... the debug log shows you have a little more upgrading to do for
it work "best" in 2.x, but that's OK.

> I have a fairly simple MySQL backed setup - and minimal changes of the
> config files to enable this; just to be clear this was a fresh install
> of the OS + FreeRADIUS so no danger of old configuration files still
> lurking around.

  Very good.

> sql is uncommented in both the authorization and accounting sections of
> the sites-available/default file (accounting section shown below), and
> the sql module is enabled in radiusd.conf - the server works just fine
> for auth via SQL as can be seen in the debug.

  Except that the accounting is showing the "unix" module returning "fail".

> accounting {
>         #  Update the wtmp file
>         #
>         #  If you don't use "radlast", you can delete this line.
>         unix

  Delete that line, and it will probably start working.

  Try using the debug form on  It will
highlight things which you should look at in more detail.

  Alan DeKok.

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