Linksys WIFI Authentication using freeradius?

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> On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 11:36 PM, Michel Bulgado <michel at> wrote:
>> In conclusion what we discussed, my Linksys router when accounting packets
>> sent after authenticating my user, but not shown or at least are suppressed
>> by TTLS. is not so?
>> So should I change the mechanism to use!
> Like Alan said, some NAS simply won't work for what you're trying to
> achieve, because it doesn't send accounting packets. Fix the NAS.
> There is another alternative. Instead of using 802.1x, you could use a
> captive portal. chllispot (and derivaties) is widely used and can send
> accounting packets just fine. It's more complex to setup (e.g.
> requires you setup a web server, and have a server or wireless AP
> which can function as captive portal), but it should work with any
> wireless access point that either:
> - captive-portal-capable (e.g. anything that can be flashed with
> dd-wrt standard or higher), OR
> - can bridge wireless to wired network, effectively making wireless
> clients to be in the same ethernet broadcast domain as wired clients.
> You'd still need a captive portal, but in this setup the captive
> portal can be another AP or a server.
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> Fajar


My Wlan is a WRT-110, so DD-WRT is not supported on this model.

I wondered if I could at least implement "Simultaneous-Use" so that I  
can limit the user to connect once, but I think it is not possible,

it would at least check the table raddact is where you store the  
Accounting and returning to the above "not possible".

This router is commercial, maybe for its commercial nature, the  
firmware you have installed, do not send those packets.


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