Referencing LDAP attributes in post-auth

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Dec 19 17:39:17 CET 2011


>    copy_request_to_tunnel = yes
>    As mentioned earlier, I am assigning a standard RADIUS attribute, but the
>    value I'm passing to it is not there when I call it, which is in the
>    post_auth of the outer virtual server.. I figured it made sense to put it
>    there, since I call the LDAP module in the authroize section of the outer
>    virtual server.  Should this be done in the inner-tunnel?  I guess I'll
>    give that a try too...

why call LDAP in the outerid for EAP- surely call it in the inner-tunnel instead
(and put some protection around it so that its only called when needed - right
now, if you look, you'll see your LDAP whacked all over the place during requests
coming through - at least 3x more queries to the LDAP than you need.)


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