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Jens Weibler jens.weibler at h-da.de
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On 31.12.2011 10:56, Christian Kölpin wrote:
> I'am stuck while testing with LDAP an Radius. I'am get Radius to work
> with user authorisation against LDAP and authentication against
> kerberos. Even if i set a "simple" membership checking in ./modules/ldap
> it works fine.
> My problem is, I have several NAS (Some APs, Switches, VPN-Servers).
> Depending on the NAS another group-Membership should be checked . For
> example a user with memberships in "wireless" and "office-vpn" should
> get access if the request comes from the APs or a specific VPN-Server.
> Can someone give me a hint, how to setup such a szenario?

my solution

DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == "switches", Ldap-Group == "coolguys"
         Tunnel-Type = VLAN,
         Tunnel-Medium-Type = "IEEE-802",
         Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = "1337"

# Switch XY
all             NAS-IP-Address == X.Y.Z.131, NAS-Port >= 1,NAS-Port <= 30
coolguys    NAS-IP-Address == X.Y.Z.131, NAS-Port >= 31,NAS-Port <= 40

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