Freeradius 2.1.10: authentication (uid and password) or (macaddress)?in LDAP

Maciej Łukasz Wojszkun maciej.wojszkun at
Mon Jul 11 10:58:21 CEST 2011


W dniu 7/7/11 9:26 PM, Alexander Clouter pisze:
> Maciej ??ukasz Wojszkun <maciej.wojszkun at> wrote:

> On a wired socket, with Cisco kit at least, you do get the option to try 
> a MAC-auth first, and if the RADIUS server comes back with Access-Reject 
> then the switch will move into 802.1X which works *very* well.
Right, I didn't described problem clearly. I need to configure Radius to
work as you talk.
Can you give me some hint, where and how should I done this?

> (...)
> At my workplace (a medium sized university) we store all our MAC 
> addresses in LDAP and it works well for us.  If the MAC address is not 
> 'registered' then the client has to use an 802.1X authentication.

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