decoupled accounting cron check

Alexander Clouter alex at
Sun Mar 6 22:44:36 CET 2011

Arran Cudbard-Bell <a.cudbardb at> wrote:
> So does the detail reader read the packet, find that its invalid and 
> then retry the same packet?
Yes...after waiting 30 seconds then retrying.

For 'valid' packets, it is handy, as I get to fix my SQL, but there will 
come a point where is safe[1] and I will probably look to rely more on 
the approach Alan just posted...but maybe it is more interesting not to.

Bah, it's only accounting packets, I have ~99%+ of them, who really 
cares in the 'eduroam' world if I get the final 10^-$BIGNUM :)


[1] I thought I actually had it covered this week, but it imploded 
	twice and I added a few more CASE's and %{%{...}:-0}'s

Alexander Clouter
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