Sending attribute with sub-attributes

David Peterson davidp at
Mon Mar 14 14:08:07 CET 2011

AHh ok great!  

It appears  I am on v2.2.  Should I be on 3.0 to support the sub-sub tlvs
needed for this NAS?


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David Peterson wrote:
> I am working on the same issue, likely with the same NAS vendor.  Is 
> the order important?

  Yes.  List them in order of attribute number, lowest to highest.

  Basically, the same order that they are in the dictionary.

> I am also seeing some "uknown attributes" in my pcap file.

  No... the pcap *viewer* you're using doesn't support the WiMAX attributes.
This is not surprising.  Wireshark grabbed the dictionaries from FreeRADIUS
a few years ago, and haven't updated them since.

>  Perhaps I
> am on the wrong build.  How do I verify if I am compiling 3.0 version?

$ radiusd -v

  Alan DeKok.
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