Virtual server basic proxy configuration?

John Douglass john.douglass at
Mon Oct 3 17:22:44 CEST 2011

Freeradius gurus,

I have looked over the documentation and searched for examples and 
haven't found anything concrete that I feel will solve my configuration. 
Perhaps someone has implemented this or can offer up some advice on how 
to approach this.

Basically wanting to create a virtual server listening on port 1818 that 
simply proxies ALL AUTH requests to port 1812. I am 
used to the virtual-server configuration as I have multiple radius based 
services running on different ports, but am not sure how to only proxy 
those entries on that particular virtual server and not the other 
virtual servers I have running on this server. At a first read/glance, 
it looks like the proxy settings might apply to all virtual servers 
instead of just the one on port 1818 that I am defining.

 From reading "proxy.conf" would I just define something like:

home_server radius1 {
     type = auth
     ipaddr =
     port = 1818
     secret = testing123

Now...I am not sure how to apply this to a single virtual server. All I 
really want to do is redirect the requests and respond.

Any tips would be appreciated,
- John Douglass, Georgia Institute of Technology

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