Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Apr 2 13:51:55 CEST 2012

Igor Belikov wrote:
> AD>   You don't.
> Are you kidding?

  If you insist on going down that path, you'll be unsubscribed and
banned.  I'm tried of people who can't read the documentation, and who
use that ignorance to put me down.

> Do you mean that FreeRADIUS can't accept non-ASCII data from database?

  It means that FreeRADIUS expects ASCII data from the database.  The
attribute names and values are all *printable*.

> AD> You could also edit the dictionaries to make the data "octets", which
> AD> would take care of the problem.
> The dictionaries contains right attributes definitions:
> ATTRIBUTE  Agent-Remote-Id   96  octets
> ATTRIBUTE  Agent-Circuit-Id  97  octets

  Then you need to read the documentation to see how to represent data
type "octets" in the DB and config files.

  HINT: Look at the debug output.  What does it print for data type

  Alan DeKok.

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