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Hello Alan,

Monday, April 2, 2012, 2:53:15 PM, you wrote:

AD2vF> Igor Belikov wrote: 
>> AD>   You don't. 
>> Are you kidding? 

AD2vF>   If you insist on going down that path, you'll be unsubscribed and 
AD2vF> banned.  I'm tried of people who can't read the documentation, and who
AD2vF> use that ignorance to put me down. 

Please exuse me.

>> Do you mean that FreeRADIUS can't accept non-ASCII data from database? 

AD2vF>   It means that FreeRADIUS expects ASCII data from the database.  The 
AD2vF> attribute names and values are all *printable*. 

>> AD> You could also edit the dictionaries to make the data "octets", which 
>> AD> would take care of the problem. 
>> The dictionaries contains right attributes definitions: 
>> ATTRIBUTE  Agent-Remote-Id   96  octets 
>> ATTRIBUTE  Agent-Circuit-Id  97  octets 

AD2vF>   Then you need to read the documentation to see how to represent data
AD2vF> type "octets" in the DB and config files. 

Yes, I will be very happy to read how to represent 'octets' data in
DB. And I ask about this several times. I don't find this info in
documentation, sorry.

Please give me link to right place.

Best regards,
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