Assign VLAN from freeradius to Cisco 3550 switch.

Brian Julin BJulin at
Wed Apr 25 22:51:34 CEST 2012

> Alan Buxley wrote
> I can tell you right now that you dont need that hack to assign VLANs on cisco
> switches (well, not if you are running reasonably up to date firmware on the
> cisco devices anyway - ie something less than 2 years old)

The latest public firmware for the 3550 is 3+ years old,  FWIW, and the
newer one I grabbed before they yanked it off the site wasn't much newer.

IIRC (it was long ago) the hack was needed because the IETF attrib value is supposed
to be a string, but the ciscos were expecting a binary integer encoding.

I'll have to give the newer loads another whack at a straight authentication at
some point and see if it indeed is fixed, but the hack works on the newer
loads as well.

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