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yes, sorry maybe i can´t explained it.. I have 2 networks: wireless network
( and lan network ( I used coovachilli with
freeradius (at the same server) to authenticate users at wireless network
and it works. But in the lan network i also have access points. So i need
to use freeradius with the access points (DLINK DWL-2100AP). I have 2
clients in clients.conf the localhost (for covachilli) and a (for the access point) but with the access point
can´t authenticate.
So.. what i need to configure?

El 20 de abril de 2012 08:01, Garber, Neal
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> > yes i said that freeradius with coovachilli works but with
> > the access point i think send another request so it fails..
> Yes, you did say that.  But, I have no idea what you mean by
> "i think send another request so it fails"?  As I said
> before, read the FAQ (it will tell you to provide debug
> output):
> If you want help, provide details of what you're trying to
> accomplish and debug output from a request that is failing.
> Otherwise, you're just wasting everyone's time.
> If I said to you, "my car doesn't work", is that enough
> information for you to tell me what's wrong with it?
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