Autoconf in Ubuntu

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Sun Apr 29 12:55:28 CEST 2012

Thanks, but I really need the working autoconf:
I am patching very old billing system: freenibs-2.2.3, it is rlm_sql-based module, so it seems working with new FR 2.x yet, but every new  version of FR I need manually regenerate src/modules/rlm_nibs/rlm_nibs_mysql/configure from src/modules/rlm_nibs/rlm_nibs_mysql/ and then patch  src/modules/rlm_nibs/rlm_nibs_mysql/configure instead of just regenerating it....

my patches are available at 

>> Hi all, it seems to be very old trouble, but I am not able to resolve it, I am regenerating src/modules/rlm_sql_mysql/configure


>> Could you please help me to resolve trouble, btw, in FreeBSD ports all is OK, I have tried to find a patch of in my FreeBSD system, but failed (I am new to programming)

>Don't break the software.

>The "configure" scripts work. If you're new to programming, you have
no business changing them.

>Alan DeKok.

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