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Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Apr 28 16:34:01 CEST 2015

On Apr 28, 2015, at 10:25 AM, Juan Pablo L. <jpablolorenzetti at> wrote:
> Hi Alex, thanks for your prompt answer as always, i have added all code related to the management of this field, i m certainly that i m doing it wrong
> but cant see where .. am i missing some code to make this work ? as far as i knew:
> 1. i needed to add the field in the dictionary (new field is 90.3):
> # The next set of attributes contain sub-types
> ATTRIBUTE       3GPP2-Prepaid-Acct-Quota                                90      tlv
> ATTRIBUTE       3GPP2-Prepaid-Acct-Quota-QuotaIDentifier                90.1    integer
> ATTRIBUTE       3GPP2-Prepaid-Acct-Quota-VolumeQuota                    90.2    integer
> ATTRIBUTE       3GPP2-Prepaid-Acct-Quota-VolumeQuotaOverflow            90.3    integer

  Note that is "integer".  i.e. 4 octets.

> 4. access the value in the module:
> volume_quota_overflow->vp_integer

  That should all work.

> those are the steps that i m following but there is something wrong because
> regardless of what i do in the module code freeradius does not recognise the 
> field when the request comes in anyways so i think anything after that will fail too.
> freeradius still shows this field in the logs as:
> Attr-26.5535.90.3 = 0x0000

  i.e. 2 octets.  You're getting that value because the attribute in the packet is malformed.  Change the dictionary to use type "short", or fix the NAS so that it sends the correct format.

> after adding the new field in the dictionary and restarting the server, what else is needed to make freeradius
> recognise the field,  and display it properly in the logs?  because maybe that is the problem, that freeradius still
> does not pick up the new field. thanks!!!

  The NAS needs to send the attribute in the format specified by the dictionary.  If the two disagree, you'll see "Attr-..." instead of "3GPP2-..."

  Alan DeKok.

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