Use the last build and the other packages from system On ubuntu 16

Spider s spidersoftware at
Wed May 25 11:44:20 CEST 2016

Hello plp.

I have got a little problem, not is a Radius problem exact.

At this moment i am using the last build from source, all running and
perfect on ubuntu 16

Now i need install daloradius, covachilli etc..

When i try for example install freeradius-mysql package the system want
install too the freeradius package.

I want use the last build, but i need the other packages for integration.a
difference, the build install at  /usr/local/etc/raddb/ and the original
package system on /etc/  for example.

other question is how update and compiling the new build without lose my
actual CFG running.

How i can solve this ??? where i can find the source from freeradius-mysql

Thank you in advanced, best regards.

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