Cannot control attribute ordering via rlm_perl

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Sat Jun 30 12:10:20 CEST 2018

Hello List,

I am falling in the same trap as below quoted a few years back.
When using WiMAX, the reply attribute ordering is important.
Using rlm_perl which is used with "Splynx" ( messes up the order in the response and I can't seem to find a way around this.

Alan mentioned in a old post "suggestions welcome".
Wondering if there was a solution in the meantime or if anyone has a idea how to solve this (with perl)?


<quote author='Alan DeKok-2'>
Claude Brown wrote:

> I'm trying to control the attribute-ordering when using "rlm_perl". Thus
> far my experience is that this is not

possible. My theory is that this is due to the hash-tables used as the
interface between the C and Perl worlds.

  Quite possibly.

> The ordering is important to for me as I want those three WiMAX attributes
> packed inside a parent attribute "WiMAX-Packet-Flow-Descriptor". If I turn
> off the "perl" module (or place it before the "files" module) the packing
> works as expected.

  Yeah.  The server really needs to have a better way of handling nested
attributes.  Suggestions are welcome...

> Can anyone see how I can control the ordering of attributes coming out of
> the perl script?

  Not using Perl.

  Alan DeKok.
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