Cannot control attribute ordering via rlm_perl

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Jun 30 14:33:40 CEST 2018

> On Jun 30, 2018, at 6:10 AM, Heiko Rehm <hrehm at> wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am falling in the same trap as below quoted a few years back.
> When using WiMAX, the reply attribute ordering is important.
> Using rlm_perl which is used with "Splynx" ( messes up the order in the response and I can't seem to find a way around this.
> Alan mentioned in a old post "suggestions welcome".
> Wondering if there was a solution in the meantime or if anyone has a idea how to solve this (with perl)?

  There isn't a good solution, unfortunately.  Perl hashes the name and uses that for ordering.  FreeRADIUS assumes that the attributes are an ordered list, independent of name.

  You can work around it by returning policy names in Perl.  Then in FreeRADIUS, check for those policy names, and add the correct attributes.

  Alan DeKok.

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