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>> My name is Javier Escalante, I have been asking questions here for a
>> couple of days, and I was as well asking in 2015. Revising the answers from
>> now and 2015, from Alan Dekok, one of the most active members of this
>> group, and I think the one who manages it,

Well yes, he is the project leader.  Between Alan and myself we've been
responsible for about 95% of the commits to the FreeRADIUS codebase
in recent years.

Alan has been around since '99, and was one of the project's original founders.

But don't let all this impinge on your sense of self entitlement.

>> I have realized, that it is
>> useless to ask, you will always get the same bullshit from him, and he will
>> treat you like if you were an idiot, but you won't get a solution. He might
>> be very "intelligent", but he and his fellows are wasting time and energy,
>> and make us waste it as well (It is clear that they don't know about
>> Zen...) by answering in the way they answer.

The general idea is to encourage you to think for yourself.  I believe I actually
gave insight as to why you were unlikely to get the responses you wanted,
in a reply to another post you made, and why, I, personally was not going to
help if you continued asking questions in the way you were.

>> Here, you will
>> find all what you won't get in this group in your whole life, because all
>> "these intelligent" people like Alan and fellows,
>> think that we ask because
>> we already know. Don't you realize guys that if I knew what I ask, I'd be
>> having beers and not wasting my fucking time with you!!‽?
>> After watching the video, you can configure your RADIUS in less than 30',
>> and you can stop wasting your time here. Uchenna also sent me a freeradius
>> book, which I can send to all who want it.

Yes, yes, viva la revolución!

>> My question is; what you guys (Alan and fellows who act like him) are you
>> doing here?

Answering questions.

>> What is your aim?

To help people use FreeRADIUS.

>> don't you realize that you waste our time and
>> what you are doing is useless?

I don't know, a fair few people seem happy with the answers.

>> If your aim is helping, you are doing it veeeeeery bad. To answer what you
>> answer, and how you answer, you better close down this mailing list.

Or, we could just ban all the dissenters, I like this idea more. Bah, Alan got there
first it seems.

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