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Sat Jun 30 15:37:09 CEST 2018

  Javier, you do realize that all you were able to achieve with that video
was a tip of the iceberg of what you can with freeRADIUS. I don't know
where all your bitterness is from but you do know these people worked on a
project and "Open Sourced" it for you to benefit. The least you could do
was show a little respect.

We/I really appreciate your work Alan, Arran and team.

On Sat, Jun 30, 2018, 14:02 Arran Cudbard-Bell <a.cudbardb at>

> >> My name is Javier Escalante, I have been asking questions here for a
> >> couple of days, and I was as well asking in 2015. Revising the answers
> from
> >> now and 2015, from Alan Dekok, one of the most active members of this
> >> group, and I think the one who manages it,
> Well yes, he is the project leader.  Between Alan and myself we've been
> responsible for about 95% of the commits to the FreeRADIUS codebase
> in recent years.
> Alan has been around since '99, and was one of the project's original
> founders.
> But don't let all this impinge on your sense of self entitlement.
> >> I have realized, that it is
> >> useless to ask, you will always get the same bullshit from him, and he
> will
> >> treat you like if you were an idiot, but you won't get a solution. He
> might
> >> be very "intelligent", but he and his fellows are wasting time and
> energy,
> >> and make us waste it as well (It is clear that they don't know about
> >> Zen...) by answering in the way they answer.
> The general idea is to encourage you to think for yourself.  I believe I
> actually
> gave insight as to why you were unlikely to get the responses you wanted,
> in a reply to another post you made, and why, I, personally was not going
> to
> help if you continued asking questions in the way you were.
> >> Here, you will
> >> find all what you won't get in this group in your whole life, because
> all
> >> "these intelligent" people like Alan and fellows,
> >> think that we ask because
> >> we already know. Don't you realize guys that if I knew what I ask, I'd
> be
> >> having beers and not wasting my fucking time with you!!‽?
> >> After watching the video, you can configure your RADIUS in less than
> 30',
> >> and you can stop wasting your time here. Uchenna also sent me a
> freeradius
> >> book, which I can send to all who want it.
> Yes, yes, viva la revolución!
> >> My question is; what you guys (Alan and fellows who act like him) are
> you
> >> doing here?
> Answering questions.
> >> What is your aim?
> To help people use FreeRADIUS.
> >> don't you realize that you waste our time and
> >> what you are doing is useless?
> I don't know, a fair few people seem happy with the answers.
> >> If your aim is helping, you are doing it veeeeeery bad. To answer what
> you
> >> answer, and how you answer, you better close down this mailing list.
> Or, we could just ban all the dissenters, I like this idea more. Bah, Alan
> got there
> first it seems.
> -Arran
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