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Bipin Patel bipin at
Mon Nov 12 09:39:35 CET 2018

what i meant is my mikrotik NAS connects to FR and i need to send CoA 
packets to the NAS to reduce speed for hotspot clients so basically FR 
originates the CoA so where does the NAS ip, port and secret details go 
in? currently i put it in clients.conf and that works so if this the 
right place or in sites-enabled i need to put the originate_coa file 
with the details there?

On 11-11-2018 23:39, Alan DeKok wrote:

> On Nov 11, 2018, at 2:26 PM, Bipin Patel <bipin at> wrote:
>> i just started using FreeRadius on a raspberrypi along with mikrotik 
>> routers for hotspot, everything works fine except that to make FR send 
>> a CoA to mikrotik NAS i have to put the secret, port and ip of the NAS 
>> in clients.conf
> That's proxy.conf.  You send CoA packets to home servers.
>> even though im using a sql DB, i came across a old thread which said 
>> reading clients from DB for sending CoA wasnt supported so just wanted 
>> to confirm if its still the case or no?
> Home servers still need to be in proxy.conf.
> Alan DeKok.
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