Sudheer S sudheer at
Sun Apr 28 09:04:29 CEST 2019

>>    The server keeps a list of logged-in users in the /var/log/radutmp file.
>> This is also called "the session database".
>    If you configure the "radutmp" module, then the server stores sessions in the "radutmp" file.  If you don't configure the "radutmp" module, then it should be clear what happens.
>    Read the default configuration to see what happens when you use radutmp and sql.  All of the information you need is in front of you, in documentation and in the standard configuration.
You are right. Thanks for emphasizing to read the documentation. All the 
relevant information is indeed available in the comments of default 
configuration. It was hard to understand all of them at once. Reading 
them repeatedly helped understand the concepts well.
>> Yes, the NAS is sending accounting packets.
>    Then read the debug output to see what it's doing.  If you don't understand it, post it here.

I was able to fix the configuration. Simultaneous-Use works as expected now.



Sudheer S

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