Help debugging sql problem

Alex Sharaz alex.sharaz at
Thu Nov 21 16:56:51 CET 2019


I've just upgraded one of my servers to 3.0.2o and have just noticed the
following radius.log messages, although I'm fairly sure it's got nothing to
do with the version release.

My FR setup uses buffered-sql to offload sql writes via the details file.

This config works fine on all my other servers ( puppet managed config) but
on this one I've noticed

1). I see the following messages in the log

Thu Nov 21 15:24:55 2019 : WARNING: (86473) WARNING: Module rlm_sql became

Thu Nov 21 15:25:53 2019 : Error: Unresponsive child for request 87765, in
component accounting module sql

2). the buffered-sql process copies contents of file  detail  into leaving the source to capture subsequent packets.oes

An ls -lt shows

-rw------- 1 freerad freerad  31359093 Nov 21 15:51 detail
-rw------- 1 freerad freerad 101566485 Nov 21 15:51 detail-filebeat
-rw------- 1 freerad freerad     63282 Nov 21 14:22
-rw------- 1 freerad freerad 211324742 Nov 21 06:24 detail-filebeat.1

So hasn't moved since 14:22

I'm guessing there's something in thre file causing the sql to

How can I debug the buffered-sql server to check this out without
generating 3,000,000 logs for the rest of the server ?



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