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Tue Jun 23 21:43:40 CEST 2020

Hi Miguel,

After a quick Google, I found that 
describing those attributes for Huawei. Therefore, I've noticed that we 
already have such a dictionary in our code, but slight differences in 
the prefix. e.g:

Take a look at dictionary.huawei in your system (e.g: find / -name 
dictionary.huawei ) and you will see that just need to use the existing 

e.g: second column are the exiting attributes in dictionary.huawei

HW-Input-Committed-Burst-SizeĀ  -> Huawei-Input-Burst-Size
HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate -> Huawei-Output-Average-Rate

Btw, I didn't find any reference for VSA in the Huawei link, and not 
even in our dictionary. Indeed, it looks like the customer launched a 
new NAS product and renamed all existing attributes.

On 23/06/2020 16:07, Miguel Barrera wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to use some bandwidth control parameters for Huawei Cloud Campus
> Agile Controller (HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate;
> HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate) but I haven't been able to make it
> work.
> On my dictionary file I set them like this, and RADIUS does not start
> ATTRIBUTE       HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate     26.2    integer
> ATTRIBUTE       HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate    26.5    integer
> And when I use other id like this
> ATTRIBUTE       HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate     62    integer
> ATTRIBUTE       HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate    63    integer
> My radtest is accurate
> Received Access-Accept Id 153 from to length 62
>          Session-Timeout = 1800
>          HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate = 1200000
>          HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate = 1200000
> But the Attribute Value Pair on a .pcap are not
> [image: image.png]
> How should I handle these parameters?
> I know the vendor id is 2011 and the VSA are established as 26.2 and 26.5
> bit I dont know how to implement them.
> Thank you so much.
> Gracias, quedo atento.
> -
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