FreeRadius on Lynx OS 4

Iandc Davies Iandc.Davies at
Wed Aug 10 12:34:53 CEST 2005


Have just moved department within work and have been told that I am to work
with freeradius as a digest authentication tool for SIP URIs.
I've already bought the RADIUS O'Reilly book and am slowly going through
it. (It seems a bit out of date though ?)
We are possibly going to use 2 different platforms running Linux RedHat 9-3
LynxOS 4.
Have managed to get the Linux compiled, but my current Lynx investigation
is hampered by
our IT guys limited installation of the /ur/include directory. I am trying
to get this rushed through
as we speak.
Just wondered if there are any immediate restricitons on using this on a
Lynx platform ?

If there is a lot of work to get freeradius working on Lynx then that will
affect my timescales as I've got to get this done ASAP before October'ish.

Any nudges in the right direction gratefully received.
Not sure if this message should be on the users or developers mailing list,
but since it is a kind of development question I'll start with this one.

Cheers in advance.
Ian Davies
Software Development Engineer

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