Release 1.0.5?

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Sat Aug 27 19:46:20 CEST 2005

Alan DeKok wrote:

>   That would work, but would also involve changing the way the module
> works in a stable release.  On the other hand, the current method is
> arguable buggy.
>   I'm fine with fixing it.  Maybe Kostas has opinions?

The fix for ldap_pairget (bug #261) has been commited to CVS head
however I'm not using LDAP, so I can't test it. I'm waiting to receive
feedback before adding the patch to branch 1.0. This bug isn't blocker
for 1.0.5 anyway, there is no need to delay the release for that.

>   Yes.  I'd like to release 1.0.5 soon.

I agree. I think there is nothing important in progress, and we shouldn't
wait any longer.

Nicolas Baradakis

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