Alan DeKok aland at ox.org
Tue Jun 7 20:52:51 CEST 2005

Frank Cusack <fcusack at fcusack.com> wrote:
> I was going to post the following on the linksys tinypeap forum.  Comments?
> And/or we could submit a slashdot story.

  Comments below.  Let's do some edits, and then go to slashdot, their
forum, and gpl-violations.org.

> ====
> Please don't use TinyPEAP.  The authors have stolen code from
> the FreeRADIUS project (not the legal definition of "steal" since
> code isn't physical property, but theft all the same).

  I wouldn't go quite that far.  I would say:

  TinyPEAP is using code taken from FreeRADIUS.[ref-proof] They have
removed the authors copyrights, and are releasing the code under terms
incompatible with the GPL.[ref-license]

  We have contacted the tinyPEAP developers, and have yet to receive a
response.  Until this issue is sorted out, we ask that people be aware
that by using tinyPEAP you may be contributing to copyright
infringement and GPL violation, and may become involved in any legal
action resulting from this issue.

  We have asked the authors to correct this problem by either:

  1) re-writing tinyPEAP to remove the infringing code


  2) releasing the source code for tinyPEAP under terms of the GPL.

  If the problem is not corrected, or if we do not receive a response
from the tinyPEAP developers, we will be forced to proceed to the next

Frank Cusack
FreeRADIUS Server Project

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