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What about OIDs ?

How many OIDs does 1.0.4 support ?  just ?



I did many changes on freeradius 0.8 source in xlat.c, it's a little
difficault to upgrade t 1.0.4

If it just support an OID , I think snmp support can be ignored. I need
information like total requests, .









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freeRADIUS, especially a version as old as 0.8 doesn't support net-snmp
without patches.


If you search back a few months on the freeRADIUS Users list you should find
the patches.However the patches were for freeRADIUS 1.0.x. Unless you've got
a specific reason for running 0.8, I would think you really should upgrade
to 1.0.4.







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I need to query freeradius by snmp. Badly I'm not very firendly with SMUX
protcol, and the documentation of this part is really little.

Let me show you what I did .


My platform is RedHat Linux 9 and my Freeradius release is 0.8

I checked the configure file, and check a line "with-snmp" . it seems
freeradius configure adds -with-snmp by default when you start configuring.

But according to snmp documents, I added -with-snmp to my configure line. (
configure -with-snmp --prefix=something)

After compliation is completed:


In radiusd.conf,checked that snmp.conf included.

In snmp.conf added "smux_password=secret"

In my net-snmp.conf I added " smuxpeer . secret"

The GNOME-PRODUCT-RADIUSD-MIB.mib downloaded  (. and
copied in my GETIF (snmp viewer) directory

When I query with getif it I didne see any SMUX query in my SNMP log. And
nothing reach to freeradius.




What should I do ?

What is the MIB directory in freeradius package ? there are AUTH , ACCT mib
files for MIB2. I think freeradus doesn't support them and just has 1 OID
which is . . 

If this is true , can anyone say what is this OID ?








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