FreeRADIUS CVS->{BZR,Hg} migration consideration

Chris Parker cparker at
Tue Sep 13 20:48:10 CEST 2005

On Sep 13, 2005, at 1:28 PM, Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:

> In order to have a look at how something like Bazaar-ng (which  
> seems to have
> come out on top after consideration for my significantly smaller  
> projects) or
> Mercuirial (which is optimised towards larger projects, and might suit
> FreeRADIUS nicely) will handle the importing of current the  
> repository, I propose to run a read-only parallel repository in  
> either or both
> of the above on my own server, syncing against the FreeRADIUS CVS  
> server.
> I'm planning to use tailor [1] to do the initial conversion and  
> regular pulls.
> I'd then offer rsync, http and *web access as appropriate (although  
> I've never
> tried it for Mercurial and only just set it up for bazaar-ng) for  
> the curious
> to see what sort of difference it makes.
> However, the initial pull will produce pain for  
> I expect, so
> I'd like to know if there's a particular time window which would be  
> better for
> the box to be hammered upon by me doing this.  
> (And be sure
> the time window is in UTC. I'm in Australia, so I don't want a TZ  
> mistake to
> cause me to bring something grinding to a halt in front of  
> someone's CEO. ^_^)

Let's say 3-5am Central US time ( GMT - 5 ).

How much of a 'pain' are you talking about here?

Can you clarify exactly what you need to do?  It is possible for me  
to send you a
tarball of the cvs repository, which might make it easier than trying  
to bludgeon
the cvs server.  :)

> I'm also open to other suggestions of versioning software to use,  
> although I'm
> really only familiar with CVS in usage, and have been reading about  
> git and bzr
> recently.

We've actually started playing with SVN internally here at my work.   
That and
CVS are what I've had experience with.  Not that heavy into branching/ 
etc. so
I can't comment on that aspect of SVN in relation to CVS.

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