rlm_digest patch

Emerson Henrique Kfuri Pereira emerson at cecom.ufmg.br
Wed Apr 12 20:57:42 CEST 2006


Sometime ago I submitted a rlm_digest patch at bug id 287. That patch was a
fix to use MD5-Password field at FreeRadius 1.1.0. Philippe Sultan told me
that this bug was already marked as 'Resolved Fixed' and "it has been
decided to use a newly defined attribute Digest-HA1 rather than
MD5-Password to allow a form of encrypted password storage". He also told
me about bug id 332 which mentioned patch id 134. I tryed unsuccessfully to
apply this patch.

That is the problem. I need a patch to fix this error to FreeRadius 1.1.0.
The file at CVS head could not be used cause it cannot be compiled at this

As a temporary approach, I rewrote the original patch submitted at bug id
287 after checking some errors on it. Those errors that I found, I believe
you havent notice.

We have to consider two forms of storage passwords: 16 bytes string (MD5
String) or 32 bytes (MD5 Hexadecimal String) - remembering that documantion
suggests to use md5sum command, which output is an hexadecimal string.

Is there a solution to this problem at version 1.1.0? What about 1.1.1? Has
this already  been or will be fixed?

Attached to this message is the patch designed to correct this problem to
version 1.1.0.

Best regards,


(See attached file: rlm_digest.patch)
Emerson Henrique Kfuri Pereira

Divisão de Atendimento e Consultoria
CECOM - Reitoria - UFMG
Telefone: 34994009
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