building from cvs snapshot (12.4.06)

Markus Krause krause at
Thu Apr 13 16:00:12 CEST 2006

hi developers,

sorry for my "wrong" email yesterday about the building on debian, i tried again
today and both building by "make" and also by "dpkg-buildpackage" (of course
after modifying debian/changelog!) the compile is (again) successfull, and
freeradius runs without any problems!! presumably there were some old libs
lying around ..

sorry for that!!


Zitat von Markus Krause <krause at>:
> now for second platform: debian 3.1
> as the file "changelog" in "debian" does not contain any info for 2.0.0-pre i
> just made a "./configure" with the options in "debian/rules" and "make; make
> install" and the compilation finished without problems. but ...
> reconfiguring (actually i reused the files from v1.1.0 as i am not using
> something "exotic" or a new feature) and starting the server with "radiusd
> -XAs" got me:
>   root at merlin:/etc/freeradius# freeradius -XAs
>   Starting - reading configuration files ...
>   reread_config:  reading radiusd.conf
>   Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/proxy.conf
>   Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/clients.conf
>   Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/snmp.conf
>   Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/eap.conf
>   Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/sql.conf
>   main: prefix = "/usr"
>     [ ... skipping several lines which do not seem to show a problem ... ]
>   read_config_files:  reading dictionary
>   read_config_files:  reading naslist
>   read_config_files:  reading clients
>   read_config_files:  reading realms
>   radiusd:  entering modules setup
>   Module: Library search path is /usr/lib/freeradius
>   Segmentation fault
>   root at merlin:/etc/freeradius#
> the same config file with 1.1.0 works without problems ...

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