Google Summer of Code and RadSec?

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Thu Apr 20 11:56:59 CEST 2006


some of you may be aware that Google is soon launching another instance of 
it's "Summer of Code" program.
As I understand it, there is some interest in the RadSec extensions to RADIUS 
here, especially Alan spoke in favor of it a few times. And actually there is 
going to be a real-world deployment of RadSec with Radiator soon (within a 
research group that operates the "eduroam" project, Having 
a second implementation of RadSec would be really great, and I think the 
Summer of Code might be a good opportunity to introduce RadSec into 

Since I'm not a real expert in the FR Code can't do much more than suggest 
that someone of the real developers here likes the idea of being a mentor for 
RadSec within FreeRADIUS and applies at Google for the project. As far as 
I've understood the SoC rules, you can only win: 500$ for FreeRADIUS and 
4500$ for the guy who implements it. You'd have a very motivated developer 
(he gets the money only after getting the job done) and a clear timeframe for 
getting the resulting code.

Any optinions on the topic?


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