Google Summer of Code and RadSec?

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Thu Apr 20 22:18:06 CEST 2006

Alan DeKok wrote:

>   I'd suggest coming up with 3-4 project suggestions, so that there
> would be more of a chance of a student finding a project they liked.
>   1) GnuTLS support in rlm_eap
>   2) radsec (as a separate daemon)
>   3) adding tacacs+ support (see one of the bugs for template code)
>   Others?

It's not a developpement of a part of the server, but it could be a
project for the Summer of Code. I didn't try too hard, but I didn't
manage to have a shell account defined in RADIUS only. There is a PAM
module to check the password, but no name service switch module to
provide the uid, the home directory, the login shell, etc. from
RADIUS attributes.

Perhaps there is a way to do this already, I'm not sure. If it's not
the case, we could add a project for writing a libnss-radius module.

Nicolas Baradakis

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